We supply all types of shade netting structures, such as hail
nets and slotted nets to flat roofs and windbreaks.

Types of structures

Hail can weigh down your netting. Attach a funnels and you no longer have to worry about it.

Protects your crops from the outside and your netting from the weight foreight objects, as well as, the weight of the wortld

Windbreaks help to battle strong winds from uprooting your crops.

Ready to protect your crops from the sun's harsh rays and birds from swooping in.

Made to withstand sudden shock and to bounce right back. Shock cord netting is good for when the weather isn't.

You can't prepair for everything, but when damage does occur to your netting, we can fix it.

Machinery & Equipment

Protect a Crop has a large fleet of Machinery, equipment and tools to service our projects. We are totally independent and require no need for assistance from our clients. These include but are not limited to, for example:

1. Specially equipped Front End Loaders
2. Midi and Mini excavators with wide range of attachments
3. Tractors
4. Hydraulic trailers
5. Standard trailers
6. LDV platforms etc.
Tractor with workers setting up the netting over a citrus crop
Lifting device with workers tightening shock cord netting over citrus crop


All materials used are sourced from reputable suppliers from a network that have been built over the years. We do however make use of multiple suppliers to reduce risk to ourselves and therefor our clients.

Wooden poles an nets used to set up netting structures

Our process. Defined.

A proven process designed for an effective project, together.



First consultation and site visit


Draft Design

Draft design and quotation



2nd Consultation and finalize specifications and layout


Surveying and site establishment

After approval survey and pegging out by qualified surveyor



We start with the main line and grid installation and complete all cable work and rigging. Installation of top and side netting gets installed. We finish off , cleanup and hand over.

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