Setting Agricultural Standards

We specialize in the design, construction and supply of shade and hail net structures for protection against natural elements.


Hectares of structures that we have implemented.

Protect a Crop team closing Shock Cord netting structure while standing on a hydraulic trailer
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Natural Element Protection

With many years of farming experience, we have a good understanding and knowledge of farming practices, needs and requirements, and are able to adapt the design and installation of structures to meet these demands.

We supply and erect quality structures suitable for the use in open field farming, horticulture, viticulture, greenhouse production and nurseries.

We specialise in structures of variable height, shape and can cover any area size. Whether it is an already producing field of citrus or a square structure for seedling cultivation, we will have options to suite your needs

The Team

Our well trained and experienced team is lead by Marius Mostert. Marius has more than 15 years of practical farming experience and in depth knowledge of farming practices.

Supporting him is Henk Mostert, who also has many years of farming experience as well as farming services supply.

Our teams are well trained to specialize in the various phases of the construction.

Planning and excellent executing is our highest priority in order to deliver netting structures within timelines provided without compromising on quality

Clos Up of Protect a Crop team closing Shock Cord netting structure while standing on a hydraulic trailer
Proven Quality

Proven quality

We protect world class farms

Wealth of Experience

Wealth of experience

We know what and what NOT to do

National service

National service

Our service footprint covers South Africa

Netting Structures

We supply all types of shade netting structures, such as hail nets and slotted nets to flat roofs and windbreaks.

Hail net funnels

Hail Net Funnels

Slotted nets

Slotted Nets



Flat roof


Shock cord

Shock Cords / Elastic Rope


Repairs & Maintenance

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